Coulrophobia – Why are we scared of clowns?

If you haven’t heard of the clown craze that has been sweeping the US and now the UK then I’m gonna assume that you’ve been living in the ocean for the past few weeks. People have been dressing up as clowns, going out when it’s gotten dark, purely just to scare people – and it’s working. Some of these ‘clowns’ are wielding weapons, reports are that some have even been trying to lure children into forests, but the majority of them are simply standing in the dark, or chasing people just to scare them. But why? And why are we so scared? Not many people would be totally comfortable when faced with a stranger dressed up as a clown, but why not? Clowns are linked to our childhood, linked to laughter, birthday parties full of colour and joy…right? Perhaps not…

(Trigger warning: clearly there are going to be LOTS of pictures of clowns in this blog post, if you genuinely suffer badly from coulrophobia- the fear of clowns- then just be warned…)

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