Folie à Deux


Most people recognise ‘Folie à Deux’ as Fall Out Boy’s fourth studio album.  However the album is named after a rare mental illness. Folie à Deux is french for “shared psychosis”, and in this blog post I’m going to explore what this means, what it involves, and some cases of this strange phenomenon.

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The Brain, The Body, The Behaviour – Schizophrenia (Part 1)


So, schizophrenia. It’s a complicated disorder. Therefore, following the origin of the word “schizophrenia” – where “schizo” means “split”, I’m going to split this “The Brain, The Body, The Behaviour” post into two parts.

It’s going to be a bit of a different structure compared to my other two posts on depression and anxiety, but will still cover the same content. This first part is going to be an overview of schizophrenia – I’m going to talk about what it is, what the symptoms are (the behaviours), physical problems those with schizphrenia may suffer from (the body) and I’m going to debunk a few myths about schizophrenia.

Then in the second part I’m going to talk about the brain of an individual with schizophrenia – or, at least, i’m going to try, as it’s not exactly simple, and like most areas of psychology there is no single answer to the biological insight of schizophrenia, and is probably going to be one of the most complex blog posts I ever have and ever will compose… But i’ll try my best. So, onto the first part:

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