Does my brain make me shy?


If you look at your group of friends, you can probably divide them into introverts and extraverts – those who are quite happy with their own company, and those who need to be kept busy by others; those who are quiet and shy within a group, and those who love to be the centre of attention. What makes these people different? What is it that makes some people more extraverted than others?

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But first, let me take a selfie.


A recent study by Fox and Rooney (2015) looked at anti-social personality traits as predictors of how men behave in respect to ‘selfies’ on social networking sites.
Their initial result seems rather ridiculous on the surface – there is actually a link! 
But what has taking a picture of yourself got to do with a personality disorder? When you break down what anti-social personality disorders actually involve, it kinda makes a bit more sense…

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