It is absolutely essential that you read this blog post.



Obedience is a funny thing. Some of you will read this blog post because it caught your interest, others will ignore it, and some will read it just because the title told you to (I’m sure plenty of you psychology students/graduates are reading it because they recognise the header image…). But why do we obey orders? And why do some of us rebel against orders? Obedience is relevant to our every day lives – we obey our parents, our teachers, our bosses, members of the emergency services such as policeman and fireman. Even bigger than that, there have been events in recent years where respectable soldiers have been found guilty of committing war crimes just because they were told to…

Focusing on the social psychology side of the process of obedience, this blog post is going to look at what obedience to authority means, the history of the psychological study of it and how it explains a lot of our behaviour. Continue reading “It is absolutely essential that you read this blog post.”