The Brain, the Body, the Behaviour – Anxiety

Anxiety mental health symbol isolated on white. Mental disorder icon design

This is the first of my new series of blog posts – 3Bs; the brain, the body, the behaviour. Each post will be focussed on a mental health problem/illness/disorder and will outline what’s going on in the Brain, and how this affects the Body and the individuals Behaviour (hence, the 3Bs.)  Hopefully this will help educate people about how mental health is not just “all in someones head”, and how in a lot of cases it is a neurological problem that can seriously affect someones physical health and also how they go about their daily lives. This is the first post, and as clearly illustrated above, is on anxiety.

What is anxiety?
Anxiety is a perfectly natural and normal physical reaction the body has when faced with danger, something fearful, or something worrying. For example, it’s perfectly normal to feel anxious when you’re about the sit the most important exam of your life, or if you’re faced with a pack of lions in the middle of nowhere, or if you’re faced with your parents three days after you’ve shouted at them and stormed out in the middle of the night (I know which scenario i’d prefer..). However a lot of people feel irrational anxiety on a daily basis, and it begins to take over their lives. This is what happens when someone develops an anxiety disorder.

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