The natural antidepressant


Everyone knows the physical benefits of exercise. We’re brainwashed about it from the age of 7 in P.E. lessons and after school clubs. Lots of us love it (including me, when I have the motivation anyway). However many are sickened by the mere through of exercise: Go to the gym? I bet you can think of more entertaining things that result in sweat. Running? Ladies, I expect you’d rather keep your boobs inside your top and away from your fact at risk of knocking you out. Sport? The majority of us lack the talent (or the gorgeous face, lets be honest) that David Beckham owns.

I personally disagree with these views, I do enjoy my exercise, but I can see why people think them and do not want to exercise. Exercise is hard work, and the societal pressures to have the “perfect body” are actually probably enough to put people off exercising and sit at home instead and order a pizza and either feel sorry for yourself or perfectly content and happy with not exercising (I like the thought of this too actually, balanced lifestyle right?). I don’t blame you, really, having the “perfect body” is not everything, and definitely not at the top of my list of priorities. However, exercise is not only good for the body, it’s good for the mind. The topic of “exercise” is a good one to start viewing your body and mind not as separate things, but one.

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