“All we seem to do is talk about sex” – The psychology behind the orgasm


Let’s just say, I’m glad I live in the 21st century. If I was born any earlier, a female writing about such a subject as sex would’ve probably landed me in trouble (then again, it still might do with my parents. Dad, please stop reading.)
Sex is still a topic that so many people shy away from nowadays, and the word “orgasm” is treated as badly as a swear word half the time – but why!? Sex is such a big thing in life, whether you’re having it or not and whether you want it or not, you certainly wouldn’t be reading this article without it.

Ever wondered what goes on in that noggon of yours whilst you’re having it though? I know what goes on in mine afterwards the majority of the time, and it involves a lot of swearing, a bit of “lets do that again”, and is usually tainted with a slight hint of regret, but that’s not a story for this blog…

If you ever wondered what goes on in the brain at the exact moment of orgasm and what makes up an orgasm, in both males and females (yep, when people say that males and females think about sex differently, they’re technically correct), then read on.

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