The Brain, The Body, The Behaviour – Depression


What is depression?

It is reported that globally 350 million individuals suffer from depression. There are two main types of depression;

  • Recurrent depressive episodes; this is where an individual suffers from repeated depressive episodes, which can last for up to two weeks. Thier episode can be characterised as mild, moderate or severe, depending on the severity and length of their symptoms.
  • Bipolar disorder; used to be known as “mania”. This is where an individual has “up and down” episodes, ranging from depressive with the common symptoms of depression, to manic which is where the symptoms are the total opposite – impulsive and reckless behaviour, elevated mood, increased need for sleep, overactivity.

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Are our minds more powerful than drugs?


A meta-analysis by University of Oxford has looked into the effectiveness of mindfulness as a treatment for depression, and found that the Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) prevented people relapsing back into depression withing 5 months as well as anti-depressants. However, what does this mean? And what even is mindfulness? And are you even aware that you’re reading my blog….read on to make sense of it all.

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